When it comes to creating and sustaining a successful work environment, we tend to think of skills, deadlines, and efficiency.

However, employers may be overlooking the importance of something with an even larger impact: kindness and compassion.

It is World Kindness Day on 13 November 2021. To celebrate, we thought it was appropriate to remind employers of how they can treat their employees to retain and attract the best people in their business.

Why is it so important now, more than ever, for employers to think about the personal qualities and needs of their employees?

As employees return to work, as well as adapt to the world of hybrid working, kindness is the simplest way to boost morale and implement this move into a “new normal” as streamlined as possible.

It has been widely proven that any act of kindness in the workplace can result in:

  • A happier workforce
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved team bonding
  • Better communications
  • A boost general health
  • Better mental resilience
  • Employees feeling supported and cared for
  • Benefits for the ‘receiver’ and ‘giver’

These acts of kindness, however small they may initially seem, help to ease stress, and improve working conditions. As a result, employees will feel more confident and competent in the work that they are doing. This can then lead to a more efficient and productive workforce and business more generally.

It’s important for any employer to note that acts of kindness in the workplace increase happiness and mental wellbeing for not only those receiving, but also those who are providing. In general, the positive impact for both parties should not be underestimated.

How can kindness be promoted in the workplace?

Before anything else, it’s important for employers to lead by example.

Whether it be praising employees for their hard work, complimenting their work ethic, practicing sincerity and gratitude for what they bring to the company; kindness can be a reflection on the business as a whole.

A few simple ways to show an act of kindness or compassion to your workforce include:

  • Recognising when someone is having a bad day – finding out what you can do to help
  • Dropping off a delicious snack at employee desks
  • Offering to help with a tedious task that an employee doesn’t enjoy
  • Making time to connect personally with employees
  • Acknowledging an employee’s talent or skill
  • Opening the door for those behind you
  • Inviting someone to join you for lunch
  • Setting up a coffee break to enjoy with an employee

These are just a few easy examples of adding a random act of kindness to your workday that could really boost an employee’s morale. When your employees are happy in their place of work, it will reflect positivity on the entire business.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s do more to be kind.

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