There is no doubt that workplace conflicts will occur. Just like the outside world, not everyone is going to get on all the time.

With workers spending long periods of time together every day, working on projects, and sharing opinions or work ethic, tensions can sometimes arise between different people.

However, it is up to you, the management and business owners, to take the necessary steps to avoid these conflicts reaching boiling point.

Employers should never underestimate the importance of employee happiness. When staff are unhappy in the workplace, it is reflected on their work or commitment and could ultimately lead to the loss of essential employees.

Therefore, those business owners who fail to navigate or involve themselves in these conflicts may be vulnerable to employment law claims, reputational damage or a less productive workplace.

But how can employers avoid conflicts?

The answer is, to not avoid them.

As mentioned before, conflicts will inevitably occur. So, employers should tackle these issues head-on and take a proactive approach.

This means immediate intervention of any issues that you become aware of by acting promptly.

It is crucial to highlight that this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated and that you are committed to creating a positive work environment for all.

It is also important to ensure that you are not sitting on any information given to you by an employee.

Act on information immediately. Begin a paper trail or document everything you have and start an investigation.

Communicate with your staff

Often, workplace conflicts escalate due to a lack of communication. Ensuring that you are actively listening to your employees is your most powerful tool.

Therefore, you should ensure that all managers are trained to use this to the business’s advantage.

This also means you can gather the appropriate information and details to help resolve a conflict effectively.

Your ultimate goal should be to bring the two parties together and resolve the issue before it goes any further.

Consult your legal team

All employers that want to remain compliant should consult their employment law team regularly.

Discussing the concerns with an expert and receiving legal advice on how to approach these issues could make a vital difference to how the conflicts play out.

We can manage and conduct independent, impartial investigations into disciplinary, grievance, bullying and harassment matters.

We provide specialist support developed from years of experience in helping you resolve disputes effectively and speedily.

Got a workplace conflict? Take action now.