If you are an employer, it is important to be aware of the challenges your employees may be facing both inside and outside of the workplace. 

Challenges at work 

There are many difficulties employees may encounter while at work. 

It is important to keep up to date with how the teams in your workplace are getting on. There may be difficulties within teams which you are unaware of, such as an imbalance of workload. 

It may also be the case that employees want to broaden their skills and gain experience in other areas. 

As an employer, it is vital that you ensure your employees feel heard and that you offer them regular training opportunities or review meetings. 

You may also find that your staff are struggling to organise their work or create a schedule in order to ensure they are working to their best. There are many ways you can help with this such as creating a meeting to help arrange a reasonable workflow process. 

Challenges at home 

While you may not be aware of everything in your employees’ lives outside of work, if you do become aware of an employee going through a difficult time, you should ask them if there is anything you can do to support them in terms of work. 

This may be an employee who is a new parent and is struggling to balance childcare and work, or it could be someone who has recently gone through a bereavement.  

Showing support and patience to your employees through this difficult time can help to ease pressure and boost productivity. 

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