Running a small business can often feel like spinning a thousand plates, with new things to consider and learn popping up every day.

Human resources is an area that can cause a major headache for small business owners, especially as laws and regulations change regularly.

As a small business grows and takes on more employees, human resources becomes an elephant in the room that cannot be ignored.

So, what are some simple actions small businesses can take when taking on more staff?

Get the paperwork sorted on the first day

It is important that business owners provide new staff with their employment contract on the first day in the job, if not before.

This is important to help set the tone and provides clarity on the terms and conditions of employment. If you do not provide this on the first day, this could set off the working relationship on the wrong foot and leave you open to issues down the line.

Design an induction process

Think about the processes and information a new employee needs to know about your business to carry out their role effectively.

Consider people they will need to be introduced to, software they may need training on and the general routine of the office.

With these points in mind, put together an induction plan for the first few weeks. Let your new starter attend meetings and meet with the whole team.

Even if some of these activities are not directly related to their role, it will help them to understand the business, their place within it and will ultimately help them to settle in more easily.

Health and safety is more than fire escapes

In the modern workplace, health and safety policies should not just focus on physical health. Mental health and employee wellbeing have come to the fore in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and cannot be ignored.

Employers are legally obliged to make the workplace safe, so also consider ways that employees mental health can also be protected. It is after all one of the leading causes of staff absence.

Remember that health and safety in the workplace should not be underestimated in retaining staff and helping your business grow.

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