Are you running a business? If so, you’ve probably considered giving your employees some benefits, otherwise known as work ‘perks’. Maybe you’re already doing so and wonder whether it’s beneficial, especially if you’re a SME. As a professional HR business with years of experience, we know exactly what kind of benefits business’ offer and whether they are beneficial, so read on to find out more!

Attractive role

Offering employee benefits is very important when you’re looking to employ new people. As you probably know the market is getting more and more competitive, with people having more experience, and higher education, they are more demanding when it comes to picking their new job. Saying employers are also offering more to people than just a basic salary and a minimum number of holidays. If you want your job ad to stand out and stay on top of your competitors, job perks should be included, if you’re looking for ideas or examples we have listed most common job perks at the bottom of this blog. 


This one may not seem so obvious or maybe it does, but research has shown that people are more productive when rewarded. When your employee knows that if they work a little bit longer and a little bit harder but in return, they will get an extra day holiday or maybe a salary bonus, they are more likely to do that bit of extra work. It shows you’re your appreciation for their efforts.

Retain talent

It cost a  lot more to find a new employee than to keep an old one. So if you have a team worth keeping you may have to start thinking about improving your job perks. Many businesses now offer a benefits package, people no longer compare just salaries when looking for a new position. They review the whole job offer including working hours and job perks. An above average employee benefits package can go a long way to keeping employees.

Common work perks:

  • Flexi-time 
  • Work from home (full or part-time) 
  • Free office snacks and drinks 
  • Annual bonus 
  • Memberships i.e: gym 
  • Regular team outings 
  • Discounts/Vouchers 
  • Healthcare/Childcare contribution 

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