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What are benefits of outsourcing all or part of your HR needs?

Frees up your time to concentrate on other things

No matter how simple or complex your requirements are, leaving it to us will ensure that you, your managers and your existing HR team can focus on every day demands of their jobs.  We enjoy taking the stress out of Human Resources.  So why not let us help you free up your time to do the things that you do best!

It is independent and impartial

As external consultants we work in partnership with your organisation while being able to offer independent and impartial advice.

Provides best practice advice and expertise

As HR professionals we continuously share best practice, advice and expertise. Our knowledge is gained from experience of working with associates and professionals within the HR sector.  We keep you up to date with legislation and changes so you don’t have to!

Has the flexibility and capacity to meet your demands

We have the flexibility to ensure that capacity is never an issue.  If you are busy, or simply need some specialist advice, we can help to cover the workload.  Once things have calmed down, or you have the information you need, you can be assured that a comprehensive professional handover will always be completed and you can continue to focus on your business needs.

Its more cost effective than you think

Outsourcing your HR needs can be more cost effective than you think especially if you compare the cost of funding a whole HR department or recruiting a new member of staff.  Give us a call today to discuss our rates and get a quote tailored to the needs of your business.

Can provide support at all levels

We are able to offer HR advice at all the levels you would expect from a complex HR function – from administrative support to strategic input at a HR Director level.