That time of year has come around again with brighter evenings and warmer weather, and alongside this comes the return of workplace summer parties.

With many companies having to put their social events on hold during the pandemic, this summer could see the re-introduction of annual get togethers, BBQs, or conferences.

So, what are some helpful pointers employers should be aware of?

Keep it accessible

It’s vital that your chosen venue is easily accessible for all staff.

As well as this, be sure to think about the logistics regarding getting people to the event and home again, helping when and where necessary.

Did you know that an employer’s duty of care towards their staff extends to work functions? Consider organising discounted hotel rooms or transport to and from the designated location to help staff.

Book the venue in advance

Before telling your employees information about the event, check that the venue can accommodate your desired dates.

This will help to avoid disappointment of your preferred location being booked up.

Involve everyone

Make sure that the entire team is invited, regardless of their title and responsibilities within the business.

Failure to do so can result in members of your team feeling left out, demotivated, or even discriminated against.

Also try to include inclusive events and catering, be mindful of people’s attitudes and values.

Be clear about social media

Do you have a social media policy in place?

If so, now is the perfect time to remind staff of what it includes, as well as the consequences of posting pictures or anything inappropriate online that could breach a person’s rights or negatively impact the business.

Don’t get yourself in a fizz

If you are worried about alcohol-related incidents at your event, consider limiting the amount of alcohol people can consume.

Alternatively, you can make the gathering alcohol-free altogether, especially if the event has a more corporate style.

It is also worth reminding staff that work events are an extension of the workplace itself and that similar rules apply in terms of personal conduct.

Encourage and allow everyone to feel at ease

Most importantly, and after such a tough couple of years, this summer season should be a time of merriment for everyone, especially businesses easing their staff back into the workplace.