Job vacancies have hit a record high as the economic recovery continues and the number of jobs over the last three months has risen above one million for the first time since records started in 2001.

However, business groups have said that despite the return of employee levels, there remains a high demand for more staff and a risk of labour shortages that could dampen growth.

This comes as the number of European workers looking for roles in the UK is beginning to rise again, along with COVID-19 pandemic restrictions beginning to ease.

An analysis shows that the number of people looking for work in the UK from Europe was 48 per cent lower than pre-pandemic period, but there is still a steady recovery from the lowest point in April 2020 – when job searches were down by 79 per cent.

Notably, job searches from Spain have seen the strongest recovery, where searches are down by 45.8 per cent but are up from the 65.2 per cent drop in January.

The combined impact of the pandemic, travel restrictions, the furlough scheme and Brexit all contributed to a significant supply and demand imbalance in the job market.

Though, it appears that there is significant hope for recruiting in September and going into the autumn.

It seems that the data for the first week of September has indicated a rise in jobseeker activity from both the UK and overseas.

To ensure that your business attracts the top talent in this new surge, there are various things that employers ought to consider:

Company reputationAre you telling the world about how great your company is?

Invest in the correct marketing that shows potential employees just how amazing you are. Then, it is important to support this with a professional recruitment and onboarding process.

Company cultureAre you adapting with the times?

Introducing small changes to your workplace culture can often make a huge impression on new employees – especially in the post-pandemic world. From flexible working to team lunches, this can attract new employees and provide them with a better insight into what it’s like to work for your business.

Career progressionAre you doing enough to develop your existing employees’ careers?

If you are unsure of the answer to this question, then probably not. It is important that employers establish a tailored professional development scheme and make sure opportunities are discussed with candidates, starting in the recruitment process.

At HR Caddy, we understand that Human Resource Management and attracting talent is an area that many businesses find a headache, a minefield, and incredibly time-consuming.

Fortunately for you, we can help with guiding you through the process of looking at your current and future workforce.

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