As much as any employer would like to avoid workplace conflicts, it is inevitable that sometimes they will occur.

Bringing many different people together to work towards the same goal can often lead to extraordinary results. However, it can also cause misunderstandings, miscommunications and sometimes, general disagreements.

Not everyone in the workplace will be the closest of friends and any hostile work relationships must not impact job efficiency.

It is an employer’s responsibility to face these conflicts head-on, identify the issue, and search for a suitable resolution.

As HR specialists, we have outlined a few useful tips to help bring your employees together and avoid any future conflicts erupting.

Team building exercises

Helping your employees work together as a team will boost their level of productivity and team morale.

Gathering the team members together for a quick game or meeting to get aligned may seem like a waste of time or effort, to begin with, however, it can be extremely beneficial.

Focus on any areas of miscommunication or topics that need explaining clearly so that everyone is on the same page, working towards the same goal. This can also be a great opportunity for your staff to speak openly about anything they may be concerned about.

Incorporating some more light-hearted team building activities can also really benefit employee relationships.

Focussing on what employees can learn about each other and their different work styles will open up employee understanding of one another and help communication in the future.

Training management and HR

It is crucial that the human resources team and management are trained appropriately to deal with conflicts in the workplace.

Additionally, it could also be beneficial to train all employees on this topic, as it could provide them with a foundation of knowledge to reflect on when dealing with future conflicts.

Seeking external advice

Companies should consider seeking external advice and getting a professional opinion on how things can be adapted and changed within the workplace.

Sometimes, it takes an outsider to come in with a fresh pair of eyes to indicate where the problem areas lie and why conflicts could be occurring.

At HR Caddy, we can manage and conduct independent, impartial investigations into disciplinary, grievance and bullying & harassment matters.

We provide specialist support developed from years of experience in helping you resolve disputes effectively and speedily.

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