Blue Monday, allegedly the most depressing day of the year is on 16 January this year. How can you check in with your employee’s well-being throughout January and the rest of the year? 

What is Blue Monday? 

January can be a difficult time of the year for many. Employees may have difficulty settling back into the workplace after the Christmas break or may be feeling financial stress following the festive season which can often be expensive. 

On this so-called ‘Blue Monday’, it’s important to recognize that as employers, you have an obligation to your employees to ensure their mental well-being is taken care of and positive morale is promoted.  

How can you support your employees? 

One way employers can help on Blue Monday is by providing flexible working hours and locations. Allowing employees to work from home or at different times during the week can help relieve stress and create a better balance between work and personal life.  

Additionally, offering remote working services or allowing employees to take days off when needed can also reduce stress levels and positively impact workplace morale on Blue Monday.  

Another way for employers to help on Blue Monday is by promoting a culture of open communication throughout the workplace.  

By allowing for open dialogue about any issues employees may be facing such as workloads being too demanding or team dynamics not being supportive enough, managers and colleagues can gain insight into how others are feeling and make efforts towards improving overall well-being in the workplace.  

Additionally, implementing rewards systems which recognize high performance or outstanding contributions from staff members across various departments will not only promote motivation levels but also encourage interdepartmental collaboration which can lead to higher job satisfaction levels among employees on Blue Monday.  

Finally, employers should also provide access to additional support services such as counselling sessions for those who require them or offer discounts for gym memberships so that their staff members have extra resources available when trying to manage feelings of anxiety. 

These types of initiatives demonstrate a commitment from employers towards employee wellbeing whilst expressing empathy towards those who are struggling with stress at work – something that will go a long way towards boosting morale. 

By considering these measures ahead of Blue Monday (and ultimately throughout the year), employers will be able to create meaningful environments where employees actively feel supported by their managers and colleagues. 

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