Following the pandemic, many employees have revaluated what they want from their jobs, which has led to a rise in people quitting their jobs.

This so-called Great Resignation is far from over, with more than 6.5 million British workers planning to quit their jobs this year, according to new research from the CIPD.

Take a look at your own employee retention – have a lot of staff quit recently?

If yes, you may need to look at your business and see how you can keep raise employee satisfaction to retain them.

Why are your employees leaving?

The first step is to drill down on why your employees have decided to quit, which can then inform you of any actions you must take.

This can be a difficult subject to broach, but it is important to nurture an environment that invites open and honest conversations.

For this, exit interviews can play a massive role and help you to improve your onboarding process, as well as the general structure within your business.

Some questions that you could ask include:

  • Do you feel you had adequate training for your role?
  • Do you feel that the job description matched your role or did this change during your time here? If yes, how?
  • Did you feel comfortable discussing any issues with your manager?
  • Did you receive regular support and feedback?
  • What could we have done better?

Asking the individuals directly can give a clear indication of how to shape your operations to ensure that everyone in the team feels valued and satisfied with their job.

You could also opt to send out an anonymous survey to your current members of staff to raise any issues they may have, as well as highlight what is working well in the company.

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