For many workplaces extreme weather inevitably means employees aren’t able to get into the office. 

For a country that usually enjoys clement weather conditions, companies and HR Managers may not have much experience in dealing with staff calling in for a ‘snow day’.  But with winters likely to worsen over the coming years HR Caddy would recommend businesses have bad weather policies and procedures in place.

Bad weather policies and procedures 

This policy should include guidance about what employees should do if they’re struggling to travel into work (be it on the roads or public transport), who to contact and whether working from home would be an option.

As much of the reason for confusion during weather related absences come from the issue of pay the policy should clarify if they will be paid if they miss work. Employee’s are not automatically entitled to pay unless their contract specifically contains a relevant provision.  However, it would generally be advisable for employers to consider paying staff if they can’t work because of extreme weather conditions.  Failing to pay for these missed days can have a real impact on morale and can feel unfair, especially when the reasons behind the no-show are out of an employee’s control.

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