Taking steps to create an inclusive workplace regarding religion can help strengthen your workforce, inspiring diversity, respect, and motivation.

So, what can employers do to address the key concerns, keeping things fair and equal, whilst supporting the needs of the business?

Inclusive policies and procedures

It is important to regularly assess employment policies and procedures, so that they are in line with the changing needs of the business, as well as up to date with legal requirements.

These policies are in place to ensure that employees are treated fairly, no matter their religious and philosophical beliefs, or lack thereof, and must also explain what is regarded as unacceptable behaviour.

Observe good practice

If you are sensitive to the cultural and religious requirements of job applicants and employees, your business will experience a range of positive effects, such as:

  • Improving your reputation as an inclusive company
  • Establishing a diverse team with space for different perspectives and knowledge, benefiting employers working in multi-cultural, multi-faith global communities and markets
  • Allowing staff to feel respected and included, boosting morale, motivation, and retention.

Additionally, you must always communicate and ensure that you are approachable, as well as treat each case on an individual basis.

Take practical steps

So, how can employers successfully create an inclusive workplace for religion?

There are several steps that can be taken to do so, including but not limited to:

  • Providing employee training on religion to reduce the possibility of workplace conflict, often arising from a lack of education
  • Allowing leave for religious holidays and granting flexible working arrangements where feasible
  • Ensuring that any dress code requirements take religion and beliefs into account
  • Being mindful of employees’ cultural and religious needs when arranging workplace events, such as accommodating dietary as well as other observance requirements.

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